Love’s Eraser

If love came with an eraser
I’d rub you off my heart
I’d go back to our very beginning
And erase you at the start
I could hang out with my friends
Telling jokes, swapping lies, drinking beer
I wouldn’t think of you at all
You’d be just a pencil smear
If love only had an eraser

Music · Poetry

Write me a Riff

Write me a riff, give me a groove
Something to dance to and make people move
Something to make me set paper to pen
Writing words that make people reflect now and then

Oh please mister music man, write me a riff
So that people can listen and perhaps catch a whiff
Of the scent of the beat, the smell of the vibe
And make them have feelings that they can’t describe

Give me a bass line that’s driving, intense
Syncopate with a back beat that holds in suspense
A melody pure in appropriate key
And one that requires some sweet harmony

Oh please mister music man, write me a riff
Make it burn, make it glow, like the end of a spliff
A riff that intoxicates those that imbibe
And makes them have deep seated feelings inside

Make it a riff with the meter and time
That will help me write words with a message and rhyme
Words about losers, or winners, or A-holes,
Good hearted women or honky tonk angels

Oh please mister music man, write the tune soon
So I can add lyrics to make people swoon
Write me a riff with the punch and the drive
And together we’ll make this damn song come alive
Yes, send me a riff, and do it real fast
Together, we’ll write a song that kicks ass!

Hamburger Heart

I gave that woman all of my love, and she had it right from the start
She seemed gentle and kind, a sweet sort of girl, and I hoped that we never would part
But her arguments, bickering, finding of fault, disparagement of my affection
Regretfully caused me to leave her one day, and head off in a brand new direction

Very soon I came back, my heart in my hand, hoping we could reconcile
Just to find her engaged with another man in an act that brought up my bile
Heartbroken, I ran off to be by myself and I sat down alone and I wept
Reminisced about plans that we both had made, those plans that we never kept

Some months later, I found that she’d partnered a man, a man whom she’d told me she hated
An illiterate man, obnoxious and cruel, a man whom she’d formerly dated
A man with no love, in her very own words, who just wanted her as a sex slave
A man who thinks slapping women around makes him somehow seem big, strong, and brave

I realized then that I’d been mislead, that she’d lied to me and she’d deceived
Bewilderment, shock and betrayal I felt, revulsion, and therefore I grieved
The love that I’d shown just wasn’t enough to enchant her and charm her and bind her
So she broke my heart into several chunks then threw the thing into a grinder

Now my hamburger heart ain’t worth much at all, to me or anyone else
It’s ground up beyond any hope of repair, so I pretty much keep to myself
My hamburger heart I keep frozen of course, ’cause I don’t want the damn thing to rot
If I had a whole heart to share, then I might, but a hamburger heart’s all I’ve got.
Humor · Poetry

Similes, Analogies, Metaphors

A simile in proximity shows comparison when submitted
An analogy is like a galaxy, illuminating and quite vivid
A metaphor is a two by four, when it smacks you, you won’t twitch
If I confuse the three, well then pardon me, for scratching my linguistic itch

Similes, analogies, metaphors
They open up our verbal doors
Illustrate points and make them shine
In a style succinct in prose or rhyme

Metaphors, similes, analogies
Draw comparisons in our realities
So never should you hestitate
In their use to help us folks relate

Analogies, metaphors, similes
Feel free to use them if you please
Speak them, write them, jot them down
They’ll make people smile (or make them frown)
Music · Poetry

She’s Got Lots of Problems

She hates the way her hair curls up on a damp and humid day
She hates it when her dog runs off when she’s ordered it to stay
She doesn’t like the fine lines at the corners of her eyes
She doesn’t like sad movies ’cause she sniffles and she cries
Her tears, they blur her vision, make it hard for her to see
Yeah, she’s got a lot of problems, but one of them ain’t me

She don’t like soggy buttered toast, but she doesn’t like it burned
She doesn’t like forgetting all the lessons that she’s learned
She never liked me flirting with other girls I met
She never liked me losing all the money that I’d bet
She’d be angry when I came home drunk at a quarter after three
Now, she’s got lots of problems, but one of them ain’t me

She told me time and time again to straighten up my act
She gave me many chances, too many, that’s a fact
But I kept on with my wicked ways too blind to realize
That she had something up her sleeve that would take me by surprise
She left me just a goodbye note, that’s an actuality
Well, she’s still got lots of problems, but one of them ain’t me.

Yeah, she’s still got lots of problems, but one of them ain’t me
No, one of them ain’t me.

Writer’s Block

Emotions buried deep inside
But my vocabulary died
I want to tell you how I feel
With vibrant images so real
So that you sense, so that you know
But the words won’t flow

The thoughts I wish I could convey
The words I wish that I could say
With erudition so succinct
That you could tell just what I think
It frustrates me, I hate it so
When the words won’t flow

For now I’ll sit and bide my time
Pondering meter and the proper rhyme
Searching for the essential clue
For what I wish to say to you
Another time I’ll have a go
Right now, the words won’t flow

Choko 12/26/2016