I attended a writers’ workshop earlier today and was given the topic “crazy” and 15 minutes to write on that topic.  This was what I came up with…

Crazy I am, perhaps, hell yes!
This world has shown me it’s worst and it’s best
I’ve found love that I’ve lost
And I’ve paid quite a cost
My emotions have been put to the test

Crazy I am in real life, friends would say
Because of the way that I act every day
I march to my special own drum
And my nose I do often thumb
To convention, no respect do I pay

Crazy I am, and crazy I’ll be
Crazy it is that makes me be me
Crazy I am and crazy I’ll stay
Crazy I am now, tomorrow, always
Crazy I am, as I’m sure you’ll all see

Crazy is not a bad way to be!

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