I Owed an Ode

I owed an ode, or so I’m told, and, if I now may be so bold
I’ll pick a subject of my choice to lend my ode distinctive voice
Not Grecian urn nor hearts that yearn, not six degrees of Kevin
No, none of these and if you please, no ode to hell and none to heaven

No subject like my inner angst, nor fifty shades of slaps and spanks
These topics leave me feeling kind of “blah”
No, none of these is what I choose, not wine or booze or topics oozing
Deep dark meaning, depth, and full of awe

I’ll choose a topic light in weight and trust me, I’ll not hesitate
To wear that topic like a shiny bangle
I’ll game it, chess, backgammon it, poke and prod, examine it
From every side and view and every angle

And now that that’s all said and done, I still have not found just the one
That inspires me to put my pen to paper
So I’ll spend another sleepless night dreaming of the topic right
For the subject of my ode creation labor

-Choko 09/13/2016

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